Tuesday, September 2, 2008

07. White Rice

Date Cooked: August 24, 2008
Recipe: 7
Page: 209

At this point I should probably start apologizing to the five of you that might read this blog. I can’t say I have been tackling very difficult recipes and part of me has trouble calling several of these last few posts ‘recipes’. In fact I would say the selection of white rice as a recipe stretches the definition. I will say one thing though. I will never prepare minute rice again… at least not if I have the time to make real rice.

This method of preparing rice doesn’t do the whole boil in a saucepan until the top is mushy and the bottom has hardened into cement. Last time I made rice on the stove top, I threw the pot out, so let’s just say that minute rice was a much cheaper alternative. That was until I decided to try the ‘Best’ recipe.

The rice was prepared in a large saucepan by sautéing the uncooked rice in a little oil. This brings out the nutty flavor of the rice and I must say I didn’t think white rice had much of an aroma. Next, water was added and brought to a boil and then covered and left to simmer, and then finally with the heat turned off left to rest. I probably wouldn’t have left the rice to rest as long as I did since it was a little dry but it had so much more flavor than the leading instant rice brand. The rice was actually a flavorful accompaniment to the meal as opposed to ‘filler’. I was truly missing out all these years.

Hopefully soon I will actually prepare some really meals from the ‘Best’ book.

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  1. Actually, as simple as rice 'should' be, it takes quite some test and run to get to the right texture/ consistency. And fact that you are usuing pots instead of rice cooker, that's another ballgame :D It's always harder to explain to somebody how to cook rice in pots than rice cooker.


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