Tuesday, August 26, 2008

04. Pita Chips - A Second Place Side

Date Cooked: August 23, 2008
Recipe: 4
Page: 16

When I made the last batch of hummus I wanted to try my hand at the pita chips that the ‘Best’ book suggested. These pita chips couldn’t have been easier to make… well actually they could have. You need to brush oil on each cut slice, I hate brushing oil on things… especially when those things are several dozen cut pita slices. When I made the second batch I just spread oil on the full pita round before slicing them. Much quicker so I’m not sure why the recipe indicates cutting them first. With a sprinkle of salt these spent 10-12 minutes relaxing in the oven earning them a nice golden tan. They ended up crispy without the sometimes dried burnt flavor toasted bread products can get. These paired wonderfully with the hummus I had made.

While the pita chips were easy to make, I’m not sure how often I would make these. Currently I enjoy grilled naan for serving with my hummus so the pitas are a measly second place choice. Although while I sit here and type this I am actually thinking these pita chips sprinkled with a little cayenne or some other simple spices would probably be pretty awesome. Maybe I will try these again soon after all.

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  1. This is almost the same recipe as The Gourmet Cookbook's recipe for pita toasts. Brushing with oil before cutting them into wedges...why didn't I think of that?
    I've made these a few times with whole wheat pitas, and they've been great (and I always get asked, "Where did you buy these chips?").


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