Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Corn Fritters (Supplemental Recipe #1) – Keep The Phone Handy

Date Cooked: August 19, 2008
Source: The Best Vegetable Recipe

Mashed potatoes weren’t a real challenge so I decided to step it up by introducing an element of danger to the meal! I have no problem cooking with oil but it is not something I do often. When I mention cooking in oil I am referring to deep-frying and/or using any amount over a tablespoon or so.We had a fair bit of corn in the house from a Sunday feast so I felt if I was to cook a recipe I might as well try one involving corn. My wife suggested the corn fritters and I thought they looked pretty good so we set to work.

Four cobs of corn got the ‘treatment’. This involved either cutting off the kernels or more violently grating them off. After this comes the lovely process of milking the cob… not exactly pleasant imagery but basically you scrape the remaining corn pulp off the cob. Word of caution, this process can be a bit messy. I’m sure I will be finding corn bits for days no matter how thorough I clean.

Mix all the other ingredients together to form a thick batter. Easier said than done. Apparently my four cobs of corn contained a lot of water so the recipe as stated pretty much gave me soup. I didn’t really want to deviate so I carefully scaled the recipe up in batch sizes and realized I probably had closer to double the amount of corn needed. Once I got a reasonably thick batter I moved on to the final stage, frying the fritters in oil.

I think this is where I made sure all flammable items were kept away from the stove and this was the perfect time for those kids to have a bath… far away from the stove. I basically learned a few things making these corn fritters that I will remember for future recipes involving frying in large quantities of oil.

• I need to invest in a larger splatter screen.
• I need to invest in a longer handle thin metal spatula.
• I’m out of burn ointment.

All things considered they turned out surprisingly well and I didn’t burn or undercook them which surprised me greatly. At the end of this recipe I would have to say they were a little dense (most likely the result of me trying to correct the batter) and they could have been seasoned more (which is a personal preference a pinch of cayenne should have been a teaspoon).

The Next Day
I had these reheated for lunch at work the next day since my batch size left me with plenty. Same thoughts as before but now they weren’t even crisp. What do I expect when I only have a microwave for reheating.

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