Thursday, October 23, 2008

28. Bread Stuffing with Ham, Pine Nuts, Mushrooms, and Fennel

Date Cooked: October 10th, 2008
Page: 369
Rating: B-

Okay so thanksgiving in Canada has come and gone and I had high aspirations for creating several dishes from the book for this wonderful event. Well that didn’t go quite as planned. You see I also decided that this was a good time to begin the heavy lifting part of my basement renovations so I was trying very unsuccessfully to accomplish both tasks. We had enough cooks in the kitchen so I spent most of my time in the basement. But I did get two recipes from the book done… well I helped complete two recipes from the book. And by help I only actually got my hands dirty on the Roast Turkey. So faced with my first dilemma of this project I’m going to post both items but I must give credit to the actual chef.

I don’t actually have a picture of this due to the chaos in the house, but half of the stuffing is in the turkey in the picture in the next post and the other half was baked separately. My sister-in-law prepared the stuffing for this dish and she did a fantastic job considering she didn’t know she would be doing it. I’d like to describe the process but you know… I wasn’t really there.

Rating: B-. I liked the flavor of the stuffing a lot but I found it too moist. I like a much drier stuffing. I would make this again but would not cook it in the turkey and I would find ways to reduce the moisture content.

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